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(Please bear with me with the following page, as I have a type of dyslexia, where I can read well but writing is difficult, so am worried I may fail to get my message across).

I have written this on the advice of a help-line lawyer, who, when I told him of my problems caused by abdominal surgery, he said, tell everyone, use social media, Facebook, Twitter or any other way you can, to get help for you and others.

But I do not know how to use social media, could you help please, for me and other women in the UK who have pain and/or pelvic floor dysfunction (not only from abdominal surgery) but also following vaginal delivery, intervention in childbirth, and with age. (Having had problems for a long time have done much research).

Report’s say the statistics are high and that 50% of women in the UK have problems.

The problem for women in the UK is there are no imaging systems (which are widely available overseas) to show the cause of pain and/or pelvic floor dysfunction.

All that follows in italics/underlined is from overseas clinicians.

If left unidentified, pelvic floor dysfunction can deter individuals from normal bowel and bladder function, intimacy, and even engagement in work and social functions.

(I could not have written the above better to explain my problems and thanks to overseas clinicians, I have realised I am not alone).


What overseas clinicians say is needed to identify problems is ‘movie’ or ‘moving’ images, sometimes called ‘Dynamic MRI’.

When I was looking up information from overseas I stumbled upon a UK Charity who are vowed to provide this and to provide imaging and treatment for breast cancerwithout surgery – and other cancers and conditions affecting women, also without surgery.

A link to their website is – (if you look at this now could you come back please).

As said before reports say 50% of women in the UK have problems and also overseas clinicians say, without imaging to identify the cause of problems these can be made worse by ‘corrective surgery’. (This has happened to me, and as reported to many others).

From Overseas Clinicians again.

Despite the significant number of women affected, pelvic floor pain and dysfunction are commonly overlooked in women seeking medical care.  Because abnormalities of the three pelvic compartments are frequently associated, a complete survey of the entire pelvis is necessary for optimal patient management, especially before surgical correction is attempted.


So please help in any way you can to provide a UK Centre for women for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain/dysfunction/problems – and for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer without surgery and other cancers and conditions affecting women, also without surgery.

(If you did not view the link to the UK charity who are vowed to provide this have put this below).


A few other.

My male friends say, if the problems which affect women affected men, then every hospital would have had these systems for years.

The system called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound has been available for over 10 years in the UK for the treatment of most types of prostate cancer on the NHS and Privately (some centres which provide are on the Charities links page).

Breast cancer is reported as being much easier to treat using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, for the simple reason that Breasts are external, so there are none of the complications that can arise from the treatment of prostate cancer, e.g. damage to bladder, rectum, nerves to them or other organs. There is nowhere in the UK to have imaging and treatment for Breast cancer using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.


So guess it’s down to women and understanding men, for how else are these systems going to be provided for women in any other way in the UK – another 20 years 30 years before any of what is already available overseas is available here – if ever?

If you would like to help with e.g. support groups, personal experience, fundraising, please email me at

(The link to the Charity donation page is

Please help in any way you can and please share as soon as you can.

P.S. – Because many people say they are suffering from ‘information overload’ I have tried to keep my page short – but just thought to put the following links regarding a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound imaging and treatment system (from one of many manufacturers in China). (Notes: UA – abbreviation for Ultrasound Ablation – Ablation is the medical term for removing tissue. US – Ultrasound).

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For Women